Thursday, November 15, 2012

I love compost!

It's been called garden gold.  If only gold were as easy to make, I'd be rich.  I'm talking compost of course.  I feel very fortunate to be able to compost my garden waste.  I can't imagine gardening without composting.  
Since my gardens are fairly large there is a lot to compost.  This first picture shows where the compost pile is located near my hubby's machine shed.  The land slopes down to this area, so he dug out of the hillside.  This way I can wheel my wheelbarrow right up to the edge and dump it in.  Here he is removing the finished compost which will be stored nearby and its ready to fill up again.  You can see the large pile behind him.  A skid loader comes in handy for turning the pile.

I've found lots of uses for this garden gold.  I top dress garden beds with it.  I mix some in with the potting soil in my containers and when planting new perennials I like to mix some in when I back fill.  This really is a trash to treasure story.