Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bloom Day April 2013

Since spring seems somewhat elusive this year for my area, there are no blooms to be found anywhere outdoors.  I found myself looking indoors for blooms for this first bloom day of spring.  I surprised myself with the number of plants that I had blooming indoors.  I really am not much of a houseplant kind of person.   We recently experienced an April ice storm followed by snow.  Along with winds we have lots of damage to our trees.  Would you believe the four letter "S" word is in the forecast for Thursday?  
A primula I picked up the other day.

Alyssum to go with pansies for a couple of early season containers.

This pelargonium spends the winter in my slightly heated garage.

This amaryllis has been blooming for several weeks.

I really have never had any luck with African violets.  My granddaughter insisted that we get this one.  It is doing surprisingly well.  I like its tie dyed coloring.

We will soon see what kind of bloom this little aloe has.

Another of the garage pelargoniums.  This one is leaning towards the east window.

Thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting the monthly Bloom Day.